About Club Leen

Club Leen, Community for Lesbians

Club Leucine Enkephalin was found in September 7, 2001, and was opened on January 1, 2001.

Corresponding to Leucine Enkephalin, an ‘addictive drug matter (analgesic, painkiller) inside a brain’, the name was given in designating the use of community, which in hope, would provide remedy and addiction from socializing with people.

Respectively, in short, it is called Club Leen.

This organization was managed with free access until May, 2002, and on June 1, 2002, it converted to membership-only website.

● Mail Magazine CLEM (Club Leen Magazine)

The objective of this weekly magazine was to share information (articles, columns, etc.) in relation to homosexuality. Magazine CLEM was published as open access and was discontinued in May, 2006.

CLEM republished in March, 2012; Accessible to members-only.

WRITING STAFFS: yun comet, riche, mint choko, silver shark, rukietien

● Developers

Webmaster: yun

Activity administrators: mizuna, rukietien

e-mail: clubleen@gmail.com

● Management

Club Leen is a nonprofit organization which operates from volunteered donors and funders of Club Leen members, as well as from profits made through online advertisements and relevant ads.

● Sponsorship

2005. 04. 27 / 

da+da sister, Supervisor- riche

2008. 04. 02 /

Lesbian Institute for Lesbians (LIFL), Korean Womenlink http://www.womenlink.or.kr/

2009. 11. 01 /

Discontinued sponsoring LIFL

2011. 07. 09 /

Daegu Citizen Forum for Halmuni http://www.1945815.or.kr/

August 2012- Present /

Korean Womenlink, Daegu Citizen Forum for Halmuni, Supervisor- yun comet

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